Main Contractors

Simplify tendering with faster enquiries. Find the right subcontractors. Make data driven decisions and reduce risk.

Faster Enquiries

Data Driven Decisions

Reduced Risk

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Take the risk out of tendering

EstimateOne brings document control and accountability to your tenders

  • Automated document transmittals
  • Audit trails to track your sendouts
  • Smart addenda management automatically recognises documents that need revising

Issue Enquiries faster than ever

What used to take hours, now takes minutes

  • Quickly create trade packages with our Document Matrix
  • Issue hundreds of enquiries with just a few clicks
  • Leverage previous sendouts with pre-made enquiry lists

Your data, your insights

EstimateOne provides live data on your supply chain to help you make smarter decisions

  • Access live response and quote rate data for each company in your supply chain
  • Quickly identify where additional trade coverage is required
  • Track supply chain performance with live statistics

Better, faster tendering. Maximum subcontractor quote coverage.

Choose the platform designed for main contractors. We’ll need your name and number, then we’ll give you a call.

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